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We started the Halloween party theme in 2001, before this we would have an annual bonfire (fireworks) party. During a late summer BBQ with a few friends we decided to introduce the Halloween theme and thought it a good idea to make a castle as the main prop. The original idea was to create a fabric back-drop we could drape across our double driveway.  One thing lead to another and we ended up making a timber sectional castle front, almost as tall as the house itself. The total cost was about £500.00 with the majority of this going on the cost of the wood. Because, so many people had a hand in making the castle, we decided to keep it in storage for later years.

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Halloween in the UK
With ASDA being owned by WalMart we're starting to see lots of Halloween merchandise tempting the kids, and fast selling the idea of getting free stuff just by knocking on people's doors. Kids aren't stupid and if it involves free stuff, they catch on quick.   Still it's a far better idea than kids sitting on a street corner with a manky old "Guy Fawkes" dummy made out of grandma's old clothing and shouting "Penny for the Guy" - whoever came up with that idea needs shooting. Besides, in today's day and age anyone trying to blow up parliament would be called a terrorist. History buffs would probably see it as a little more complicated than this - I imagine there's a little more to it.

To be authentic it's best to hold your Halloween party on the 31st October. However, it takes time for people to dig out costumes and dress up, so if this happens to be anything other than a weekend there's not much time after work for people to do this. This usually means we hold the party on the closest Saturday night to Halloween. One exception for us was last year (2002) when we held the Halloween party on Halloween night (Thursday 31st October), this was only because a friend had set his wedding for the Saturday (some people have no consideration). The next year that Halloween falls on a Saturday will be 2009 (the last was 1998) - so we'll have to wait until next year for a genuine Halloween Saturday Party Night.

We're not aiming to be authentic Halloweeners, just to throw a party that combines the Halloween theme with fireworks, music and beers - Bonfire night (5th November) is close enough to combine both. Still it's good for the neighbourhood kids to see some of the props up early for Halloween night.

Making the Halloween Castle

   This is our first attempt at making a Halloween prop, turned out pretty
   well in the end - Though it's a shame we didn't get more pictures to
   chronicle the construction.

1) Building the Castle
Mark, Jared Watson and Arthur McRae working on the frame work for the castle
Starting work on the castle frame (well eating burgers). The castle is made out of 8 panels, each around 4 meters high and 1.5 meters wide. Each panel will be joined to the next using three six inch bolts.
2) Putting it together
Mark and Jared Watson working on the castle frame work
After a days work making each panel, the last of the panels (that will become the castle entrance) are knocked together.
3) Time for painting
Kathryn Doyle putting the finishing touches to the paintwork on the Halloween Castle
After two base coats of black paint (mixed with sand for texture) and a final grey paint coat, each stone is hand-painted using sponges (in total it took three days to paint)
4) Assembly
Kathryn Doyle putting the finishing touches to the castle
After outlining the windows and doors with Invisible Blue UV paint and coating each panel with a PVA clear sealer, the panels are assembled.
5) Finishing Touches
Arthur McRae hanging the red fabric around the castle windows
Each window has a red curtain which is floodlit from behind, the black frame on the ground will be filled with water and Invisible UV dye to become the castle moat.
6) Castle Completed
Paul Fitzsimons, Mike Singleton, Kathryn Doyle and Fiona McIlwraith standing in front of the castle
This is the completed castle at the end of the night, green and red flood lights are used to add effect, unfortunately the flash in this photo hides the glowing UV paint.
7) Open for Business
The Front of the Halloween Castle illuminated by green flood lights and UV blue
This is the castle under Ultra Violet, and red/green flood lights.
8) Guests & ghouls arriving
Paul Fitzsimons displaying his bat costume at the entrance to the castle
This costume (believe it or not) was made out of black refuse bags - respect to Fitzy and Amanda for this one.
9) The Moat glowing in UV light
The halloween castle moat, the water was mixed with UV Invisible blue water dye
An invisible blue water dye is added to the water in the moat, this make the water glow under the UV light

The Halloween Props

   These are some of the props we've managed to buy so far forget about buying
   good stuff in the UK, the only place for good Halloween stuff is the USA.
   It's amazing how much gets opened by customs - still if the customs
   declaration says "latex zombie" I'd probably want a peep too.

6 Foot Inflatable Pumpkin
This 6 foot inflatable pumpkin is made of durable nylon and comes with a heavy-duty fan that blows him up in minutes, a set of lights inside the pumpkin create a effective sparking light effect.
From (around $100)
Hanging Black Ghoul
This prop is 51 inches high and 49 inches wide, it's packed into individual components which are taped before hanging.
From (around $160)
Hanging White Ghost
Same as the Black Ghoul, this prop is 51 inches high and 49 inches wide, it's packed into individual components which are taped before hanging.
From (around $160)
Life size latex Skeleton
This is quite a fragile prop, some of the joints are barely held together, and need re-joining every now and then, the chest is a little flat but this can be corrected with wiring.
From (around $100)
Latex Gargoyle
This is quite a fragile prop, some of the joints are barely held together, and need re-joining every now and then, the chest is a little flat but this can be corrected with wiring.
From (around $110)
Latex Zombie
This is probably one of my favourites, the latex zombie is quite large and realistically painted.
From (around $250)
Latex Bat
A Giant latex bat with a 4ft wing span.
From (around $80)

Halloween Party music

  It seems that the only Halloween party music you can buy is by a third
  rate popstars band, cheesy organ music or a computer nerd's collection
  of crap midi files.

  So we did our own, spread across two cd's most of the tracks are Halloween
  related (some I just stuck in for fun, some like Music and Who let the Dogs out
  are there because we use them at most firework parties). All the tracks were
  mixed using mixmeister. You'll probably find some of the tracks on older cd's
  or back street record shops - hope this gives you ideas for Halloween music.

Tracks from Halloween CD1

  01) Blue Moon Cowboy Junkies
  02) Moondance Van Morrison
  03) Zombie The Cranberries
  04) Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
  05) Amityville (House on the Hill) Lovebug Starski
  06) Bat out of Hell Meat Loaf
  07) The Time Warp (Remix 1989) Rocky Horror Picture Show
  08) Rock Lobster B 52's
  09) Just the Two of Us Dr Evil
  10) Wee Rule Wee Papa Girl Rappers
  11) Haunted House Jumpin Gene Simmons
  12) Things I've Seen Spooks
  13) Bad to the Bone George Thorogood
  14) Haunted House Elvira
  15) Spooky The Classics IV (feat. Dennis Yost)
  16) Devil or Angel Bobby Vee
  17) The Addams Family Andrew Gold
  18) Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr
  19) Thriller Michael Jackson
  20) Music Madonna
  21) Addams Groove Hammer
  22) Devil In Disguise Elvis Presley
  23) Hot Hot Hot Arrow
  24) Evil Woman ELO
  25) House Arrest Krush
  26) Gravel Pit Wu Tang Clan
  27) Lil Red Ridin' Hood Sam 'the Sham' and the Pharoahs
  28) Enter Sandman Metallica
  29) Mistress of the Macabre Bollock Brothers
Tracks from Halloween CD2

  01) Somebody's Watching Me Rockwell
  02) Better the Devil you Know Steps
  03) Wild Thing Tone Loc
  04) We've Gotta Get Outta This Place Space
  05) Love Potion No. 9 The Coasters
  06) Twilight Zone 2 Unlimited
  07) Rhythm of the Night Corona
  08) Who Let the Dogs Out (US Version) Baha Men
  09) I Put a Spell on you Sonique
  10) Lil' Devil The Cult
  11) Zombie A.D.A.M. feat. Amy
  12) Don't Fear the Reaper (Techno Remix) Blue Oyster Cult
  13) Devil Gate Drive Suzi Quatro
  14) Werewolf Southern Culture on the Skids
  15) Nightmare Brainbug
  16) Witchdoctor Cartoons
  17) Monster Mash Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Crypt Kickers
  18) The Munsters TV Theme Halloween Themes
  19) The Purple People Eater Sheb Wooley
  20) One Way or Another Blondie
  21) The Creature from the Black Leather Lagoon Cramps
  22) Bark At the Moon Ozzy Osbourne
  23) Don't Fear the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
  24) Dr Heckyll Mr Jive Men At Work
  25) I Put a Spell on you Creedence Clearwater Revival
  26) Halloween Vs Freddie Krueger Da Boy Tommy

Religion and Halloween
I know many religious people who are uncomfortable with the idea of celebrating Halloween. My thoughts are that it isn't really the devil we're celebrating, we don't decapitate live chickens or do any virgin sacrifices - just following a theme that has it's origins back in pagan times.

(to be continued...)

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