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Halloween Party 2008 - Tempting fate?

(Article created 23/10/2008 17:45)

Subject to no "incidents" with flying on 24th or 31st October the Halloween Party will go ahead on Saturday 1st November 2008. As per usual the webcams will switch on from around midday automatically. Theme is the usual halloween fancy dress. This is crazy, tempting fate and all that, what the hell - let the chips fall where they may...

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Oliver and his lasses in the Marquee

(Article created 18/10/2008 18:20)

This is from the Bollywood Party (I'll get the rest of the photo's done as soon as I can). With everyone contributing and India Dish, we had more food than we knew what to do with.

In this photo: (clockwise from left) Jessica, Zoe, Lisa, Helen, Pritima, Oliver and Eve.

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Bollywood Curry & Party Night

(Article created 17/10/2008 11:55)

Yep, tomorrow (Saturday 18th October) is "Bollywood Curry Night". Everyone who is coming has to bring an Indian Dish (Dish meaning food not dish), dress for the occasion etc etc. The party webcams are in automatic mode and photo's and video's will be uploaded to the site eventually.

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Rockabilly Retro Party

(Article created 10/09/2008 12:57)

The Rockabilly Retro party is on Saturday (13th September). A lot of people are confused by the billing, but the theme is Rockabilly and Retro, so you will fit in in either of these styles. The party webcams are in automatic mode and will switch on around 4pm. The theme for this party originated from MikeyD, after watching the Leningrad Cowboys we thought it would be cool to have a rockabilly party, later expanded to Rockabilly Retro to allow people more choice of dress. Photo's and video's will be uploaded to the site as soon as possible.

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Burns Party 2008

(Article created 21/01/2008 06:23)

This is going to be on Saturday the 26th January and yet again we left it too late to make and send out any "official" invites, so if you're one of the usual suspects who hasn't received an SMS or email, take the invite as a given. As per usual the webcams should automatically switch on on the Saturday morning... (touch wood)

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Halloween Party 2007 (in the style of Harry Potter)

(Article created 10/10/2007 23:14)

This is going to be on Saturday the 3rd November and this time with a Harry Potter theme. The official invites have been printed andwill be posted soon. With the postal strikes at the moment it may be a while before you get one, but take it as given that all the usualsuspects are officially invited.

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Updated - At last

(Article created 14/02/2007 21:05)

Finally remembered all that html lark and updated everything from December to January, It only takes half an hour or so to do these updates but I just keep putting it off. Anyway making amends now - DWP "christmas party" 06, New Year's Eve party 06, Burns party 07 and Joe Kuterescz's leaving do photo's have all been uploaded, browse down to find the link or go straight to the gallery page for these photo's

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